Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 months

Dear Hope,

You've been in this 'ALL BOY' family for three months now!  You are far from the dainty girl that I imagined.  You fit right in with this rowdy and loud house! 

Here are the things that have changed:
1. Instead of screaming when you are giving a hug, you readily give kisses to Mommy, Daddy, and some dolls.

2. Instead of hating your bath, you hear the word "bath" and you scream and run to get your clothes off.  You can't get into the bath fast enough.

3. Instead of speaking babble, you know say Hi, Bye, All Done, Jester, Mama, Yia Yia.  You also repeat all kinds of words.  My favorite is awesome.  You can say a mean awesome!

4. Instead of preferring Mommy for everything, you are now the apple of your Daddy's eye.  You scream and run when you see him and demand to be picked up and snuggled. 

5. Instead of having to really tickle you to get a smile, you give lots of smiles and big belly laughs readily.

6. Instead of having your 12m pants fall off of you, you are moving into 24m clothes and growing so tall!

7. Instead of having very thin, unhealthy hair, your hair is growing thick and beautiful.

You are doing so well Hope.  We are totally in love with our little princess, even if you act more like a boy :)  You do still love to dress pretty.  If I give you a choice of clothes, you always pick the pretty dress!

We are working through eating and playing but you are learning us as your family.  You and R2 fight less and love more!  I caught you both giggling and laughing together on your bed.  I can often find you right beside him doing whatever he is doing.

Hope, thank you for blessing our lives.  We are so happy you are home!

Next weekend, we are doing a photo shoot with a great photographer  through a wonderful NEW program called red thread sessions.  I'm so excited!!