Family Picture

Family Picture

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Visit Done and a belated Valentines Day post!

The Home study home visit is done!  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  We still have FOUR more meetings with the social worker but they don't involve me cleaning the house :).  We are in the home stretch and hope to have the homestudy completed in early April.  The social worker didn't give much feedback but she didn't say anything like "OH MY" so we are hoping that's good news.

I made Brian steak and baked potatoes for Valentine's Day!  For dessert, we made profiteroles!  He has really been wanting to make them and the picture below shows why!

I hope everyone has March 10th(from 5-8pm) marked on their calendars to enjoy a good meal at Texas Roadhouse.  We have some really big expenses for the adoption coming up and we appreciate everyone's generosity.  We are rarely eating out anymore so that we can save money for the adoption so we will definately enjoy the food that night!  If you are interested in buying a necklace(see below post), please let me know. 


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home visit tomorrow-Monday!

Our social worker is coming tomorrow to complete our home visit part of the home study.  We have been preparing for her to come.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow(Monday)!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A boy and his haircut, generosity and necklaces

I have been trying to type the majority of this post for days but to be truthful, I am in PANIC mode over the home study visit.  It's next Monday, as in 7 days from now and I'm so behind.  I have LOTS to do.  I know it will get done, but please be in prayer for us over the next days. 

First, up is R(2)

He used to look like this:

Now he looks like this:

I REALLY didn't want to do it..but I realized that when today someone called him a 'her', eventhough he was dressed in the identical outfit as his brothers that it was time. I will miss you baby curls!

We will be selling these necklaces over the next month, as we still need to raise about $5500 for our home study fees and Dossier fees.  Thank you to all those that have purchased one. Here is a description: "The Karamojong women create these beautiful necklaces by hand and from re-cycled paper … Our goal is to help these women maintain sustainable income for their families."

The necklaces are hand-made by women in Uganda from paper (which is tightly wound). It helps to provide a sustainable income for them and we get half of the proceeds towards our adoption. They are truly beautiful and as you can see they are long, or can be doubled for a shorter necklace, or can be worn as a bracelet (thank you to Brian for being my model). Please consider purchasing for yourself and anyone as a wonderful gift. They are $20 each, and if you would like me to ship it to you, it would be $25 (plus 1.20 tax). You may use the button on the side of the page that says 'Purchase Uganda Necklace" or see me in person.  I will try to carry them with me as they are all different!  Thank you for your support.

I also wanted to say a HUGE "Thank You" for the anonymous donation that we received today.  Whoever you are, Brian and I are grateful for you and your generosity.  Thank you!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that participated in our BOAS fundraiser.  We made around $200 and I thank everyone for their generosity.

I am continuing to receive and mail our documents for authentication.  We have our trainings scheduled and we hope to finish the homestudy in early April.  It feels could to have some forward movement!

Please continue to pray for the paperwork and the home visit on Feb 21st by our social worker.

Here's a fun picture of R(2)


Saturday, February 5, 2011

New foods, T-shirts and Steelers!

So, how has the diversification(is that a word?) going in regards to food?  Well, hmmm.  I've gotten the boys to eat raw carrots and celery.  Tonight we tried shrimp.  The pictures speak for themselves.

R loved it!
C loved it!

R was happy not to eat it

Brian making fun of the boys
 Shrimp was not a hit.  Greens weren't either :).  I'll keep trying.  I'm taking suggestions as to what to try next.

Tomorrow is the Superbowl and Brian is so excited.  I made him two cookie cakes to celebrate.

I'm attaching a few pictures of the shirts you can purchase and we get some proceeds from the shirts. 

you can order those shirts here

Thank you for your support!  Go Steelers!