Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A nice surprise!

As we wait for our immigration fingerprinting and approval, we were pleasantly surprised with a referral!

I can't publicly post her picture but I'll tell you a little about her.

First off, she's beautiful!  She's about 10 months old living in Chongqing, China.  We are calling her Le Le until we decide on her name. 

We are termed 'paper pregnant' and I am feeling surprisingly less sick compared to the other pregnancies. 

I love my boys, but it's totally wonderful to use the word daughter and granddaughter and niece. 

We hope to travel to get her by Nov/Dec. 

A few things to pray about:
1. Her health, safety and well-being.  She is supposed to paired with an 'auntie' and be getting some really good care.  Pray she stays healthy and developmentally on track.
2. We switched agencies-We feel like this a good move, but it requires a re-do of A LOT of paperwork(I almost wrote homework :))  We don't have to re-do the homestudy.
3. My job.
4. Our finances and fundraising-This process is going faster than expected so that gives us less time to get the money together.  We are having a yardsale on May 7th-pray for a good turnout, a 31 party on May 20th and an Isaac's dinner-stay tuned for that.

Thank you..and if you want a picture of her, feel free to email me :)


Friday, April 8, 2011

Home Study really done!

Tonight we will have the official notarized home study in our hands to sent to Immigration.  To have this step done, brings great joy to Brian and I.  It's been a long 3.5 months.  Our agency approved our home study and we are onto the next step!  We are sending our immigration paperwork out tonight(along with a $900 check...ouch).  Our agency is also asking for our Dossier fee-3K.  3K which we don't have.  So, please pray that God would provide a way for us to get the 3K without going into debt.  We know we will have to borrow money for the adoption, but we have many greater expenses coming.  

Some exciting things planned:
  • A friend from Church is helping me to host a 'thirty one' party on May 20th from 6-8pm.  It's a drop in session, so come whenever you can and please bring friends.  There will be some great food! 
  • We hope to hold a yard sale in early June so if anyone has anything they would like to donate for us to sell, please let me know.
  • We also set up a 100 good wishes page so that you can send her good wishes and help bring her home.  See the link here:
Some prayer requests:
  • Pray for my job
  • Pray for some decisions that are being made on our behalf
Thank you to everyone!