Family Picture

Family Picture

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moving on ahead

Alrighty, so we've got a few good things moving now:

1. We just finished our required 10 hours of training from our home study agency.  We both agreed that it was actually more useful than we expected.  It's been our experience that trainings are typically useless, but we walked away with a good deal to think about. Most of it centered on attachment issues.  I have to admit, that I really hadn't thought too much regarding that.  I just assumed that she'd meet us, instantly like us, but still struggle to adapt to our lifestyle.  I hadn't really realized just how much kids can struggle through this issue, even at a young age, and will often continue to struggle through teen and even adult life.

2. The completion of the training means that we should be receiving our first homestudy draft within a week or so.  We'll look it over and then it goes on to final approval within the local agency before it can be shipped off. 

3. We pretty closely considering a referral of a little girl whom we recently came across.  We asked our agency to label her special focus, which gives us more time and also prompts an updated medical history and evaluations.

4. Lasly, and this has nothing to do with adoption, as we mentioned below, we recently celebrated the #4 birthday of our middle one, R1.  I absolutely can't believe it.  When we became parents, we heard things like, enjoy it while you can, because it goes so fast.  It becomes one of those things that becomes cliche.  We do our best to make the most of our time with them, but we still continue to be astounded with how quickly they grow. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today, our middle child, turns four.  I just cannot believe he is that OLD. 

Dearest R(1),

When I think about the years that I have had to spend with you, to be your mommy, I get teary.  You are such a blessing, a wonderful little boy!  You are observant, kind and loving.  You haven't developed a passion yet, but you like so many things from trains to baseball and seemingly everything in between!  Your smile lights up a room!

I thank God that I was allowed to be your mommy because you are a very special little boy.  I love you and I am so blessed to watch you grow up.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Texas Roadhouse and the almost finished home study!

We just wanted to thank everyone that came out to Texas Roadhouse on the rainy night!  We wanted to thank everyone also who purchased necklaces and gave private donations.  Your generosity humbled us.  We raised around $230 so a BIG thank you! 

We head to harrisburg tomorrow for our second session of 'becoming an adoption warrior'.  It will be a very long day, followed by another very long day.  Thank you to those watching the kids tomorrow for us. 

We are in the home stretch of the home study and it feels GOOOOODD!!!

Steff and Brian

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training to be a warrior(adoptive parent)

So, it's been a little while since I wrote anything.  Well, nothing is really new.  We are still plugging our way through the home study. 

We had our first home study training this saturday.  It was the first of three sessions and pretty interesting.  We are grouped with three other couples whom are pursuing adoption.  All the couples are considering adopting internationally-South Korea, Bulgaria and Ethiopia.  So, there is a wide range of countries represented.  It is really nice to be grouped with other couples on a similar journey. 

Brian and I are actively praying about direction with this adoption.  We have been praying if we should choose a child off the 'shared list' with perhaps multiple minor special needs or keep plugging forward and go for the really minor needs.  Would you pray for us?

Also, I do hope you plan to have a great meal on Thursday at Texas Roadhouse in lancaster!  We hope to see you there, but if we don't, please accept our 'thank you' for your support in advance.

We are also still selling necklaces if anyone is interested.  They are truly beautiful and you are helping Women in Uganda provide for their families. 

My title says 'warrior' and I truly feel like that is what you have to become when you choose to adopt.  You must step out of your comfort zone, and discuss things you would rather not discuss. You have to open your lives and heart to unknowns.  It may not make any sense but I already feel like I'm beginning a battle.